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45. F. Yazdan Parast, S. Veeraragavan, A.S. Gaikwad, S. Powar, R. Prabhakar, M.K. O’Bryan, R. Nosrati (2024) Viscous loading regulates the flagellar energetics of human and bull sperm. Small Methods, 2300928.

44. A. Vafaie, M.R. Raveshi, C. Devendran, R. Nosrati†, A. Neild† (2024) Making immotile sperm motile using high-frequency ultrasound. Science Advances 10, eadk2864. † Co-corresponding authors

Featured in over 170 public news media worldwide including New Scientist,, Metro UK, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Mirage News, and Tech Times, and covered by 2SM radio


43. F. Yazdan Parast, A.S. Gaikwad, R. Prabhakar, M.K. O’Bryan, R. Nosrati (2023) The cooperative impact of flow and viscosity on sperm flagellar energetics in biomimetic environments. Cell Reports Physical Science 4, 101646.

Featured on the front cover of the issue

Featured in the Cell Reports Physical Science Hot papers – 2023 collection

Featured in over 10 public news media worldwide including EurekAlert, New Scientist, Scientific America,, Science Daily, Life Technology, Head Topics, Mirage News, and Interesting Engineering

42. M. SimchiJ. RiordonY. WangC. McCallumJ. Bem YouK. JarviR. Nosrati, D. Sinton (2023) High-throughput sperm DNA analysis at the single-cell and population levels. Analyst 148, 3748-3757. † Co-corresponding authors


41. S. Xiao, J. Riordon, A. Lagunov, M. Ghaffarzadeh, T. Hannam, R. Nosrati, D. Sinton (2023) Human sperm cooperate to transit highly viscous regions on the competitive pathway to fertilization. Communications Biology 6, 495.

40. S. Zeaei, M. Zabetian Targhi, I. Halvaei, R. Nosrati (2023) High-DNA integrity sperm selection using rheotaxis and boundary following behavior in a microfluidic chip. Lab on a Chip 23, 2241-2248.


39. S.A. Vasilescu, L. Ding, F. Yazdan Parast, R. Nosrati, M. Ebrahimi Warkiani (2023) Sperm quality metrics were improved by a biomimetic microfluidic selection platform compared to swim-up methods. Microsystems & Nanoengineering 9, 37.

Featured in over 10 public news media worldwide including Science Daily, EurekAlert, Science Magazine, Tech Times, Medical Press, and News-Medical

38. V. Omrani, M. Zabetian Targhi, F. Rahbarizadeh, R. Nosrati (2023) High-throughput isolation of cancer cells in spiral microchannel by changing the direction, magnitude and location of the maximum velocity. Scientific Reports 13, 3213.


37. J. Castro, M. Abdul Halim, L. Ambattu, A. Rezk, R. Prabhakar, R. Nosrati, L. Yeo (2023) Acoustofluidic semen analysis for veterinary male bovine infertility assessment. Flow 3, E6.


36. A. Heydari, M. Zabetian Targhi, I. Halvaei, R. Nosrati (2023) A novel microfluidic device with parallel channels for sperm separation using spermatozoa intrinsic behaviors. Scientific Reports 13, 1185.


35. J. Gai, C. Devendran, A. Neild, R. Nosrati (2022) Surface acoustic wave-driven pumpless flow for sperm rheotaxis analysis. Lab on a Chip 22, 4409-4417.

34. L. Spencer, J. Fernando, F. Akbaridoust, K. Ackermann, R. Nosrati (2022) Ensembled Deep Learning for the Classification of Human Sperm Head Morphology. Advanced Intelligent Systems 4, 2200111.

Highlighted in Advanced Science News “An artificial embryologist to improve the success of IVF”

33. R. Nosrati (2022) Lab on a Chip devices for fertility: from proof-of-concept to clinical impact. Lab on a Chip 22, 1680-1689. Invited Perspective

Featured in the themed collection: "Lab on a Chip HOT Articles 2022"

32. F. Yazdan Parast, M.K. O’Bryan, R. Nosrati (2022) Sperm syringe: 3D sorting platform for assisted reproduction. Advanced Materials Technology 7, 2101291.

Featured on the cover of this issue

Covered by 7NEWS, 3AW Breakfast radio show, and ABC Sydney Afternoon radio show, and featured in news media worldwide including the Herald Sun, Healthcare Digital, UK Today, Monash Lens, the Medical Republic and Mirage News

31. J. Gai, E. Dervisevic, C. Devendran, V. J. Cadarso, M. K. O’Bryan, R. Nosrati†, A. Neild† (2022) High-frequency ultrasound boosts sperm motility. Advanced Science 9, 2104362. † Co-corresponding authors

Covered by 7NEWS and 9News, and featured in news media worldwide including Medical News and Mirage News

30. S. Powar, F. Yazdan Parast, A. Nandagiri, A.S. Gaikwad, D. Potter, M.K. O’Bryan, R. Prabhakar, J. Soria, R. Nosrati (2022) Unravelling the kinematics of sperm motion by reconstructing the flagellar wave motion in 3D. Small Methods 6, 2101089.  


29. R. Nosrati, D. Sinton (2022) How to select ICSI-viable sperm from the most challenging samples. Nature Reviews Urology 19, 135-136.

28.  M.R. Raveshi, M. Abdul Halim, S.N. Agnihotri, M.K. O’Bryan, A. Neild, R. Nosrati (2021) Curvature in the reproductive tract alters sperm–surface interactions. Nature Communications 12, 3446.

Featured in Editors’ Highlights as the 50 best papers in “From molecules and cells to organisms” recently published in Nature Communications.

Featured in news media worldwide including the Herald Sun, BioNews, scimex, and medianet

27.  I. Ramazani Sarbandi, A. Lesani, M. Moghimi Zand, R. Nosrati (2021) Rheotaxis-based sperm separation using a biomimicry microfluidic device. Scientific Reports 11, 18327.

26.  A. Gaikwad, A. Nandagiri, D. Potter, R. Nosrati, A. O'Connor, S. Jadhav, J. Soria, R. Prabharkar, M. O'Bryan (2021) CRISPs function to boost sperm power output and motility. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 9, 693258.

25.  J. B. You, C. McCallum, Y. Wang, J. Riordon, R. Nosrati, D. Sinton (2021) Machine learning for sperm selection. Nature Reviews Urology 18, 387-403.

24.  M. Simchi, J. Riordon, J. B. You, Y. Wang, S. Xiao, A. Lagunov, T. Hannam, K. Jarvi, R. Nosrati†, and D. Sinton† (2021) Clinical selection of high-quality sperm with thousands of parallel selection channels. Lab on a Chip 21, 2464-2475. † Co-corresponding authors

23.  A. Nandagiri, A. Gaikwad, D. Potter, R. Nosrati, J. Soria, M. O’Bryan, S. Jadhav, R. Prabhakar (2021) Flagellar energetics from high-resolution imaging of beating patterns in tethered mouse sperm. eLife 10, e62524.

22.  S. A. Vasilescu, S. Khorsandi, L. Ding, S. Razavi Bazaz, R. Nosrati, D. Gook, M. Ebrahimi Warkiani (2021) A microfluidic approach to sperm recovery from mixed cell suspension. Scientific Reports 11, 7917.

21.  S. Xiao, J. Riordon, M. Simchi, A. Lagunov, T. Hannam, K. Jarvi, R. Nosrati, D. Sinton (2021) FertDish: Microfluidic sperm selection-in-a-dish for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Lab on a Chip 21, 775-783.

20.  J. Gai, R. Nosrati†, A. Neild† (2020) High DNA integrity sperm selection using surface acoustic wavesLab on a Chip 20, 4262-4272. † Co-corresponding authors

Interview with 7News.

Featured in over 20 public news media worldwide including Herald Sun, EurekAlert,, medianet, Scimex, BioNews, News-Medical, ScienMag, Firstpost, ConSalud (Spanish), and (Greek)

19.  A. Lesani, S. Kazemnejad, M. Moghimi Zand, M. Azadi, H. Jafari, M.R.K. Mofrad, R. Nosrati (2020) Quantification of human sperm concentration using machine learning-based spectrophotometry. Computers in Biology and Medicine 127, 104061.

18.  J. Zhou, R. Habibi, F. Akbaridoust, A. Neild, R. Nosrati (2020) Paper-based acoustofluidics for separating particles and cells. Analytical Chemistry 92, 8569-8578.

17.  S. Rismani Yazdi, R. Nosrati, C. Stevens, D. Vogel, C. Escobedo (2018) Migration of magnetotactic bacteria in porous media. Biomicrofluidics 12, 011101.

Selected as a Featured Article


16.  S. Rismani Yazdi, R. Nosrati, C. Stevens, D. Vogel, P. Davies, C. Escobedo (2018) Magnetotaxis enables magnetotactic bacteria to navigate in flow. Small 14, 1702982.

Featured on the front cover of this issue

Featured in, EurekAlert, Science Daily, Nanowerk, and Queen’s gazette


15.  H. Dies*, R. Nosrati*, J. Raveendran, C. Escobedo, A. Docoslis (2018) SERS-from-scratch: an electric field-guided nanoparticle assembly method for cleanroom-free and low-cost preparation of surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 553, 695-702. * Equal contributions

14.  R. Nosrati, P. J. Graham, B. Zhang, J. Riordon, A. Lagunov, T. G. Hannam, C. Escobedo, K. A. Jarvi, D. Sinton (2017) Microfluidics for sperm analysis and selection. Nature Reviews Urology 14, 707-730.

13.  R. Nosrati, M. M. Gong, M. C. San Gabriel, A. Zini, D. Sinton (2016) Paper-based sperm DNA integrity analysis. Analytical Methods 8, 6260-6264.

Featured on the cover of this issue


12.  R. Nosrati, P. J. Graham, Q. Liu, D. Sinton (2016) Predominance of sperm motion in cornersScientific Reports 6, 26669.

11.  L. Eamer*, M. Vollmer*, R. Nosrati*, M. C. San Gabriel, K. Zeidan, A. Zini, D. Sinton (2016) Turning the corner in fertility: high DNA integrity of boundary-following spermLab on a Chip 16, 2418-2422. * Equal contributions

Featured on the cover of this issue


10.  R. Nosrati, M. M. Gong, M. C. San Gabriel, C. E. Pedraza, A. Zini, D. Sinton (2016) Paper-based quantification of male fertility potentialClinical Chemistry 62, 458-465.

Highlighted in a Clinical Chemistry Editorial 62, 421 (2016)

Featured in Daily Mail UKThe Sun, and Pembe Nar (Turkish)


9.  R. Nosrati, A. Driouchi, C. M. Yip, D. Sinton (2015) Two-dimensional slither swimming of sperm within a micrometre of a surfaceNature Communications 6, 8703.

Highlighted in Nature Reviews Urology 13, 2 (2016)

Featured in over 20 public news media worldwide including The Scientist, LA Times, Daily Mail UK, MSN News, The Star, Popular ScienceThe Sunslate (French), Lentra (Russian), bild der wissenschaft (German), sina (Chinese), and Tech Times

8.  M. M. Gong, R. Nosrati, M. C. San Gabriel, A. Zini, D. Sinton (2015) Direct DNA analysis with paper-based ion concentration polarizationJournal of the American Chemical Society 137, 13913-13919.

Highlighted in ACS PressPac, Chemical & Engineering News, and Science Daily


7.  L. Eamer*, R. Nosrati*, M. Vollmer, A. Zini, D. Sinton (2015) Microfluidic assessment of swimming media for motility-based sperm selection. Biomicrofluidics 9, 044113. * Equal contributions

6.  R. Nosrati, M. Vollmer, L. Eamer, M. C. San Gabriel, K. Zeidan, A. Zini, D. Sinton (2014) Rapid selection of sperm with high DNA integrityLab on a Chip 14, 1142-1150.

5.  R. Nosrati, M. Hadigol, M. Raisee, A. Nourbakhsh (2012) Numerical modeling of electroosmotic nanoflows with overlapped electric double layerJournal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 9, 2228-2239.


4.  M. Hadigol, R. Nosrati, M. Raisee (2011) Numerical analysis of mixed electroosmotic/pressure driven flow of power-law fluids in microchannels and micropumpsColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 374, 142-153.


3.  M. Hadigol, R. Nosrati, A. Nourbakhsh, M. Raisee (2011) Numerical study of electroosmotic micromixing of non-Newtonian fluidsJournal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 166, 965-971.


2.  R. Nosrati, M. Hadigol, A. Jafari, M. Raisee, A. Nourbakhsh (2011) Numerical investigation of electroosmotic mixing in microchannels with heterogeneous zeta potentialAdvanced Science, Engineering and Medicine 3, 253-261.


1.  R. Nosrati, M. Hadigol, M. Raisee (2010) The effect of Y-component electroosmotic body force in mix electroosmotic/pressure driven microflowsColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 372, 190-195.

8. J. Castro, A. McDonnell, A. Rezk, M. Abdul Halim, R. Nosrati, L. Yeo. Device and method for evaluating male fertility. Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 2022903284, Filed 3 November 2022.

7. A. Neild, A. de Marco, S. Gorelick, V.J. Cadarso Busto, R. Nosrati, F.E. Horta Nunez, E. Vargos Ordaz, M. Haft Tananian. Non-invasive imaging system for imaging biological materials. Patent Application No. PCT/AU2023/051132, Filed 10 November 2023.

6.  F. Yazdan Parast, M.K. O’Bryan, R. Nosrati. An apparatus for separating micro-swimmers. Patent Application PCT/AU2022/051502, Filed 14 December 2022.

5.  J. Gai, C. Devendran, R. Nosrati, A. Neild. Method and apparatus for promoting motility of flagellar cells. Patent Application PCT/AU2022/051529, Filed 16 December 2022.
4.  R. Nosrati, M. M. Gong, D. Sinton. Devices and methods for quantification of male fertility. U.S. Patent No. 10,852,298 (1 December 2020).

3.  J. Zhou, A. Neild, R. Habibi, R. Nosrati. Apparatus and methods for manipulating particles and cells in paper-based platforms using ultrasound. Australian Provisional Patent Application No. AU2019904519, Filed 29 November 2019.

2.  R. Nosrati, L. Eamer, M. Vollmer, D. Sinton, A. Zini. Apparatus and method for sperm separation. U.S. Patent No. 9,663,755 (30 May 2017), Canada Patent No. 2834007 (19 May 2015), Brazilian Patent Application No. BR102014028937 (30 May 2017).

1.  M. M. Gong, R. Nosrati, D. Sinton. Devices and methods for nucleic acid detection. U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 62/258,242 (20 November 2015).

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